Last Night’s Dream… Sowbhagya, Telugu, Indian

It was dark.

Up the sky, someone had dropped

a blue diaphanous veil over the earth.

buildings were asleep; hillocks were asleep

and forests were also in tranquil sleep.

The speeding rivers slumbered

And the sea was actually snoring.

in the cradle of this somnolent world

just you and I were awake.

Even the flame on wax-wick was so drowsy

that our shadows on the wall were as somnolescent.

At the centre of an inexplicable magnetic bliss,

we were looking into one another’s eyes… awake.

As we looked like lightnings on the dark sleepy world

star-studded sky started looking at us

without battling its eyelids.

How long, or, for how many years, we were like this!

on a beautiful night spared of sunlight,

a silent night sans burden  of words

How long had we been

pouring our hearts out!

Under that deep blue stretching to the horizon,

there was no room for gloom,

no chance of sunrise.

we were the delirious fragrances of Parijata

blossoming in the dark.

we were the secret dreams of yesternight. 



Telugu, Indian Poet

A Dab of Music … Sowbhagya, Telugu, Indian

I am a lake…

You are a gentle ripple

rollicking on its surface

bringing along a dream 

In a still stony silence,

I await you without batting an eyelid.

Pray, come! let a mild breeze follow your wakes

and gently shakes your meandering tresses,

humming exotic, ecstatic tunes.

I pray! I pray!

Toss that flowing hair over me

and let me watch you as I would a starry sky.

Strange but true, I feel lighter

whenever you enter into my thoughts.

Those swaying leaves

and the butterflies that deftly wheeze past them

feel as light and waft with me.

I glow whenever you shine in my thoughts

and my surrounds spring back to life.

Pray, come!

Like the Jasmine which anoints music

dozing with invisible scents,

and like that Rose

which empties all its grace into its full-blown petals,

I pray!

Comfort this unsmelt heart

soothing with your breath of assurance.



Telugu Original:  సంగీత లేపనం

Search … Sowbhagya

I  turn over dawn like a page

You spread out like night extending into the day.

I open up  the night like an eyelid—

you vanish like a withdrawn day.

I run marathon for days and nights, and

You tease and torment me

becoming an ever eluding finish line.

To find you , I search

the wombs of flowers,

turning into a butterfly,

the terrain of earth,

raining drop by drop,

and charter high seas

becoming a ship.

but, you are not to be seen.

The more you elude my search

the more my grit grows… to a mountain.

I send churned out thoughts in all directions, to all lands,

send rockets to unravel the inter-stellar space,

pray moonshine to reveal any traces of your shadows.

In an endless, untiring, relentless search

I pass my life like a second.

I wail for you till the grief is relieved

shedding streams of tears.

I will be shocked to find your image

in every tear I shed.

When I hear your call from the inmosts of me


S… T…A…R…T…!



Telugu Original:  అన్వేషణ

I am just your shadow … Sowbhagya

Everything in Nature is just made out for you.

The whole creation is your excursing ground.

Planets of the cosmos are your play-dolls.

Flowers just bloom for you and

shower over you as you pass by.

You pick one of them and bless it

by decking it in your plait.

That azure sky and moonlight

take shelter in your eyes.

Seasons walk in your footsteps

keeping pace with your emotions.

And on the rim… I lie.

I was witness to every occasion when

Nature reflects itself through you.

I keep watch over your foot prints.

Weaving a garland with your looks, I follow you…

and buoy in ecstasy that has neither epoch nor end.

If you are generous to touch me, that would be my salvation.

Commend me… I shall become a flower.

Pray! Be kind to lock me up in your tresses.

Commend me…

I shall be a dove and land gently on your shoulder;

You just think of it…

I shall become a ring hugging your finger;

or the golden chain lacing your neck, or

the smile adorning your lips,

Or, shall even become a stream of consciousness

and stroll within your thoughts.



Telugu Original:   నిన్ను అనుసరించే నీ నీడని

Mirror Image … Sowbhagya, Telugu, Indian

In a still-water-like  mirror

rolling its eyes once,

rollicking with laughter next,

motionless now

and effervescing with activity the next moment…

dithers your image.

In the full-length mirror up there,

lies your itinerant reflection.

Hiding from its view

and stealing glances with it… stand I.

Oooooh!  That gleaming rosy countenance

is so inviting to kiss.

Sweet melodies from

that graceful helical body flow unto me.

How fortunate is the mirror!

You enter into its lifeless heart like a dove.

And there you fly with freedom and abandon.

I will be glued to you.

You will be so unmindful of your treasures.

Perhaps, when one is cynosure of all eyes,

they need pay no attention to the ‘self’.

I steal into the mirror… invisible

and watch your aural beauty from close.

I take it into my hands…

That dream? No, not.

Chrysanthemum? No, not.

That beauteous and blissful face?  Yes,

and passionately plant kisses

on the bewildered lips and those lovely eyes.

Unable to stand the brunt of my emotion,

the mirror breaks … and you disappear.

I start… in search of you.



Indian Poet.

Telugu Original: అద్దంలో అందం

Mythical Beauty… Sowbhagya

I just can’t imagine the world without you!

Before you

This world was merely

A place dotted with deserts and saline seas.

When you walked down…

Life sprang to life, and

In your wakes followed greenery,

Rain and a whiff of fresh air.

For that matter

Wasn’t it you that brought this day-night cycle?

You are that ecstatic beauty

That can not be caught

In the web of life and death. . . . Infinitum

Whenever you bless me with a smile

I win as bonus one more life

And I travel along the paths

Of clouds and starry space

Singing praises of you.

Be that you possess a rare physical form

But you seem to linger

On the bourns of mythical shores.

That will-o-the-wisp

The ‘ghal-ghal’ of your swaying anklet-bells

Sends messages

Intelligible to nobody but to the soul!




Grace of Mirth … Sowbhagya

Image Courtesy: http://2.bp.blogspot.com


Look! Look at those creepers!

Those ductile creepers thinner than ‘thin’

Are more like the tunes you hum within.

How beautifully they have spun!


Look at those fledgling sprigs!

They dangle as gently as your mirthful thoughts.

Flowers appear like the smiles you broadcast on your way

For that matter the very earth looks

As though it were a cradle made for you in the ether.


Behind those sprawling wings of the birds

The grace of your mirth lies;

And so does in the Cirrus wintry cloud,  your pleasure.

You are the soul of my song!

You are the goal of my meditation!

So long as I live, I chant only your name!

When I am dead

Put your ear to my tomb

And you shall hear it just echoing your name!


A pyre could reduce the frame to ashes, but

Not its memories… Nothing could!




చూడు! ఆ తీగల్ని చూడు!

సనసన్నగా సాగుతున్న ఆ తీగల్ని చూడు!

నీలోనువ్వే పాడుకునే రాగాల్లా

ఎంత నిర్మలంగా సాగుతున్నాయో!

ఆ చివుళ్ళని చూడు!

ఉల్లాసంగా కదిలే నీ ఊహల్లా ఉన్నాయి.

భూగోళమే శూన్యంలో నీ కోసం సృష్టించిన ఉయ్యాలలా ఉంది.

పక్షుల రెక్కల్లో

నీ పరవశవిన్యాసం ఉంది.

శరత్కాలమేఘంలో నీ సంతోషం ఉంది.

నా గానంలో నువ్వే!

నా జ్ఞానంలో నువ్వే!

బ్రతికినన్నాళ్ళూ నీ పేరే జపిస్తాను.

నేను మరణించేక

నా సమాధిపై చెవి ఆనించు

అది నీ పేరే  ప్రతిధ్వనిస్తుంటుంది.

చితిలో శరీరం కాలిపోయినా

స్మృతిని ఎవరూ కాల్చలేరు కద!

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