Search … Sowbhagya

I  turn over dawn like a page

You spread out like night extending into the day.

I open up  the night like an eyelid—

you vanish like a withdrawn day.

I run marathon for days and nights, and

You tease and torment me

becoming an ever eluding finish line.

To find you , I search

the wombs of flowers,

turning into a butterfly,

the terrain of earth,

raining drop by drop,

and charter high seas

becoming a ship.

but, you are not to be seen.

The more you elude my search

the more my grit grows… to a mountain.

I send churned out thoughts in all directions, to all lands,

send rockets to unravel the inter-stellar space,

pray moonshine to reveal any traces of your shadows.

In an endless, untiring, relentless search

I pass my life like a second.

I wail for you till the grief is relieved

shedding streams of tears.

I will be shocked to find your image

in every tear I shed.

When I hear your call from the inmosts of me


S… T…A…R…T…!



Telugu Original:  అన్వేషణ


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