Mythical Beauty… Sowbhagya

I just can’t imagine the world without you!

Before you

This world was merely

A place dotted with deserts and saline seas.

When you walked down…

Life sprang to life, and

In your wakes followed greenery,

Rain and a whiff of fresh air.

For that matter

Wasn’t it you that brought this day-night cycle?

You are that ecstatic beauty

That can not be caught

In the web of life and death. . . . Infinitum

Whenever you bless me with a smile

I win as bonus one more life

And I travel along the paths

Of clouds and starry space

Singing praises of you.

Be that you possess a rare physical form

But you seem to linger

On the bourns of mythical shores.

That will-o-the-wisp

The ‘ghal-ghal’ of your swaying anklet-bells

Sends messages

Intelligible to nobody but to the soul!




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