A Dab of Music … Sowbhagya, Telugu, Indian

I am a lake…

You are a gentle ripple

rollicking on its surface

bringing along a dream 

In a still stony silence,

I await you without batting an eyelid.

Pray, come! let a mild breeze follow your wakes

and gently shakes your meandering tresses,

humming exotic, ecstatic tunes.

I pray! I pray!

Toss that flowing hair over me

and let me watch you as I would a starry sky.

Strange but true, I feel lighter

whenever you enter into my thoughts.

Those swaying leaves

and the butterflies that deftly wheeze past them

feel as light and waft with me.

I glow whenever you shine in my thoughts

and my surrounds spring back to life.

Pray, come!

Like the Jasmine which anoints music

dozing with invisible scents,

and like that Rose

which empties all its grace into its full-blown petals,

I pray!

Comfort this unsmelt heart

soothing with your breath of assurance.



Telugu Original:  సంగీత లేపనం


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