Mirror Image … Sowbhagya, Telugu, Indian

In a still-water-like  mirror

rolling its eyes once,

rollicking with laughter next,

motionless now

and effervescing with activity the next moment…

dithers your image.

In the full-length mirror up there,

lies your itinerant reflection.

Hiding from its view

and stealing glances with it… stand I.

Oooooh!  That gleaming rosy countenance

is so inviting to kiss.

Sweet melodies from

that graceful helical body flow unto me.

How fortunate is the mirror!

You enter into its lifeless heart like a dove.

And there you fly with freedom and abandon.

I will be glued to you.

You will be so unmindful of your treasures.

Perhaps, when one is cynosure of all eyes,

they need pay no attention to the ‘self’.

I steal into the mirror… invisible

and watch your aural beauty from close.

I take it into my hands…

That dream? No, not.

Chrysanthemum? No, not.

That beauteous and blissful face?  Yes,

and passionately plant kisses

on the bewildered lips and those lovely eyes.

Unable to stand the brunt of my emotion,

the mirror breaks … and you disappear.

I start… in search of you.



Indian Poet.

Telugu Original: అద్దంలో అందం

“Mirror Image … Sowbhagya, Telugu, Indian” కి 2 స్పందనలు

  1. Undoubtedly another great one. My praises be to the poet, Sowbhagya. My heart-felt thanks to the translator, Nauduri Murty.


    1. karimulla garu,

      Yes, you are right. Sowbhagya is one of the few poets who have fine sensibilities coupled with excellent expression. It is very unfortunate that he diverted from poetry to other genres.
      With best regards



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