I am just your shadow … Sowbhagya

Everything in Nature is just made out for you.

The whole creation is your excursing ground.

Planets of the cosmos are your play-dolls.

Flowers just bloom for you and

shower over you as you pass by.

You pick one of them and bless it

by decking it in your plait.

That azure sky and moonlight

take shelter in your eyes.

Seasons walk in your footsteps

keeping pace with your emotions.

And on the rim… I lie.

I was witness to every occasion when

Nature reflects itself through you.

I keep watch over your foot prints.

Weaving a garland with your looks, I follow you…

and buoy in ecstasy that has neither epoch nor end.

If you are generous to touch me, that would be my salvation.

Commend me… I shall become a flower.

Pray! Be kind to lock me up in your tresses.

Commend me…

I shall be a dove and land gently on your shoulder;

You just think of it…

I shall become a ring hugging your finger;

or the golden chain lacing your neck, or

the smile adorning your lips,

Or, shall even become a stream of consciousness

and stroll within your thoughts.



Telugu Original:   నిన్ను అనుసరించే నీ నీడని


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