Motherland … Aranya Krishna

(Telugu Original: Aranya Krishna. From  : కంజీర 6 డిశెంబరు 92)

Start digging out this land—

You shall find skeletons

with sweat still fresh on their foreheads.

Delve deep into this earth—

You shall  meet the Radius and Ulna of a farmer

who set here with Sun on some silent dusk…

Dig this soil—

You shall sure hear the heavy breathing of the starved millions

that sunk to the ground one Autumn.

The core of this earth bears

Legions of fossils of man  than religions.

Man is an offshoot of this earth

Gods! They are never born here,

They just annex this land

break up and sear men

with the weaponry of Temples and ballot-boxes.

Come on! Let’s start with seeds and ploughs

And other tools and implements

To level this rugged ground plucking out weeds

To make this land and people… fertile.

After eliminating the enemy

Let’s prostrate before panicles of paddy

that decorate this earth signalling new creation.

Aranya Krishna  Photo Courtesy:  BOOKS ADDA
Aranya Krishna
Photo Courtesy:


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