Treasure Trove-1 Matilda

My uncle late RS Krishna Moorthy and I wanted to translate hundred good short stories from Telugu to English. We could bring out the first volume The Palette while he was alive.
Later, I published The Easel, The Canvas and The Painting but all the stories put together came to only seventy-eight.

I selected Twenty-two short stories of the pioneers of Telugu short story from the beginning. I wanted to bring it out under the title The Panorama.

I asked Mr. Afsar, one of the editors of Saaranga web magazine if they could accommodate these stories in the English version so that I can have some feedback from people that would be of immense help when I bring it out as a book. He kindly consented and published the first story “Matilda ” by Gurajada Appa Rao. I express my thanks and deep appreciation to the editors of Saaranga.

Gurajada’s better known stories “దిద్దుబాటు” (Emendation) and “మీ పేరేమిటి?” (What’s Your Name?” appeared in The Palette and The Painting, respectively.

Here is the link to Matilda


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