A St(r)ing on the Wall… Sibi, Telugu Poet, Indian

Closed room stories become public temptations

Intimate pictures on the bed

Spear young deers that have just learnt stepping out

Bodies sold for paper currency

Turn into posters to hang on ‘Wall-Cross’es

Dung spills on all womanhood

.The barbarous heritage of barber shops

Becomes  such an angler

That heads turn no other way.

Along with meat plate and wine bottle

Womanliness becomes a commodity

And gets into ‘Kick’ing ads.

Animals chew these posters.

Those two rags permitted by the Censor

Look more like bandages around an injury.

The eyes that yearn to see  those injuries naked

visit operation ‘theatre’s

It all reduces to an ‘A’dult affair.

Cured in saliva

Womanhood bloats to obscenity.

And every woman walks by

Looks like garbed nudity.

These are just warnings…

Forebodings of a stretching stone age.

This string of posters sting you and me

Not here and there, but everywhere.

This Wall is longer than that

‘Great Wall of China’

We should resolve

Not Whether or not to live between the walls

But to dismantle  all such walls as these.




Contemporary Telugu Poet

Note:  This was a translation from the original written by the poet at least 30 years back. I lost the original and I am not sure if the poet has it. I lost contact with him.  He was once a very active member of Sahrudaya Sahiti, Visakhapatnam. This poem was am expression of his agony towards the kind of  Telugu Cinema wallposters those days.  I only wish he sees this poem


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