Dead of Night – Sowbhagya, Telugu, Indian Poet

Look where you will

Flowers are asleep – smiles are asleep

and so are the doves— peacefully.

cool breeze soars  high up to greet the milky-way

Moonlight descends to soothe pent-up hearts. 

beating rhythmically over the sea

Tides lull earth to sleep.

Branches rollick the twigs in their cradle laps

And the heavens look like a serene musical-freeze.

Nature is so arrestingly beautiful

like a dream without frightful nightmares.

The half moon  looks ecstatic 

like half-opened Lotus-bud in a ripple-less pond.

It seems a spell is cast 

like the invisible smile under translucent light.

Like a serein of horripilations

starlight settles slowly over the town

as the world  slips into deep slumber.

The midnight silence whispers into my ears:

There is bliss even in an enigmatic life.

As woolgathering withdraws to backstage,

Indulgence takes centre stage to perform.

Heaven and Earth

get lighter and lighter

and waft together to unchartered frontiers

like a wool of cotton.



Telugu , Indian Poet


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