Just bless me with an Idea… Afsar, Telugu, Indian

Bless me with one,

Just one idea;

I vault hundred years into the past,


I would leap up a century into the future .

You may not be aware,

I can arrest time;

Can say “Statue!”* to time wherever I want.

I can refill the wan and weary eyes with azure skies.

Bless me with one,

Just one idea

I stream out of the solar flares unscathed, like

a cool relentless moonshine from lunar rillets.

With that one,

And only one idea,

I thaw all earlier ice ages, and

run up to you like a runnel.





(*Note: Statue … is a children’s game (a variation from popular european version) similar to Hide and Seek with the difference that the ‘seeker’  has to turn all the ‘hiders’ into statues to win the round just by calling out ‘Statue’ whenever he sees them.  The trick however lies in the fact, the Statue can turn normal with the touch of any of the free players who escape the watchful eye of the seeker (and are not statues themselves). Once called statue by the seeker, the player must stand like a statue until either a free player touches him to make free or the game is over when all the hiders are turned into statues.)


Image Courtesy: Afsar's Blog : http://www.afsartelugu.blogspot.in/
Image Courtesy: Afsar’s Blog : http://www.afsartelugu.blogspot.in/

Afsar is a Faculty member with the University of Texas at Austin.

వొక్కటంటే వొక్క వూహనివ్వు


వొక్కటంటే వొక్క వూహనివ్వు,

వందేళ్ళు వెనక్కయినా వెళ్తాను

లేదూ, యింకో వందేళ్ళు ముందుకైనా వెళ్తాను.

నీకు తెలియదేమో,

కాలాన్ని నేను బంధిస్తా

నాకు నచ్చిన చోటే ఆగిపొమ్మని శాసిస్తా

అలసిపోయిన కళ్ళల్లో ఆకాశాల్ని వొంపేస్తా


వొక్కటే వూహనివ్వు

మండిపడే సూర్యనేత్రంలో

వెన్నెల వాగునై వస్తా

వొక్క వూహలోనే

వొక్కటంటే వొక్క వూహలోనే

చలియుగాలన్నీ కరిగించి


వొక సెలయేరునవుతా.




భారతీయ కవి



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