Fragrant soil … Anisetti Rajita, Indian poetess


It is a surprise

if a man is ignorant of

the fragrance of the soil,

which he is born out of

and unto which he ultimately returns to.


Whenever it rains

the vapors of nascent scent of earth

and the aroma of the

delicate natal baby blossoms

on the young green plants

shooting from the earth

pervades all around;


The bond with the soil

is the enduring bond

and a true elemental sensory tie.


Is there a treasure

richer than the toil

and a perfume

sweeter than sweat?

For the slogging hard-laborers

sweat is their scent

tear is their tincture

and soil is their substance.


Earth is a means for life

and a Mother of all resources.


Any man who serves that earth

is my god supreme!

And the smell of that soil

is an attar for me.


Anisetti Rajita

Anisetti Rajita

(Anisetti Rajita is an activist that has wide and varied range of experiences, and is a studious observer of human nature. Unfortunately, her conscious keeping aloof from the arrogance of litterateurs and their jealousies and in-fighting was misread just as her 6 volumes of poetry largely remained unread. There are people who find fault with her style and expression and even dub her as a novice. But, her political awareness, the range of subjects she touched in poetry, her strong political convictions and her impeccable recording of social events put such silly, frivolous and blockheaded criticism to nought. She has such a great ease in writing in the popular language as well as in the Telangana dialect that no poet male or female, I am sure, can claim parity with her. Versatility is her hallmark. She wonderfully recorded how globalization has devastated the Indian village scenery into a vast desolate uncultivable tract sans farmers, sans cattle, sans village artisans and sans bubbling human life itself.)


తెలుగు మూలం:  

అత్తరు మట్టి

మట్టిలోబుట్టి మట్టిలోకలిసేమనిషికి

మట్టివాసన తెలియకుంటేనే ఆశ్చర్యం

వానకురిస్తే ఆవిర్లెత్తే మట్టివాసన

మట్టిలోంచి మొలిచే మొక్కపచ్చని

లేలేత పసికందుల పూలవాసన

మట్టిబంధమేమనకున్న శాశ్వత బంధం

ఒక వాస్తవిక స్పర్శానుబంధం

శ్రమను మించినధనం

చెమటను మించిన అత్తరున్నదా?

శ్రమజీవులకు చెమటే అత్తరు

కన్నీరే పన్నీరు

మట్టే బంగారం

మట్టంటే జీవన  వనరు

వనరులన్నిటికీ మూలమైన తల్లి వనరు

ఆ  మట్టి సేవించే

మనిషే నా మహాదైవం

ఆ మట్టి వాసనే

నా కత్తరు మయం


అనిశెట్టి రజిత

“Fragrant soil … Anisetti Rajita, Indian poetess” కి 2 స్పందనలు

  1. Wonderful.. poetry!

    Thank you very much sir.. about sharing and nice Translation.


  2. Thank you Vanaja garu. Rajita is a lovely poetess. She wrote some wonderful poetry on mother without repeating herself in both popular style and her native telangana style.



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